Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alan Timothy

This is Alan - our (almost) 3 year old independent, assertive, imaginative little boy. He is definitely a boys' boy - always digging in the dirt, playing with bugs, worms, frogs (and any other living creature he can get his hands on), as well as crashing his race cars on our window sills. Being almost three, he has no problem telling us "no" every chance he gets. Right now it's an automatic response to everything. However, he is the most polite little boy we have ever known, always saying please and thank you unsolicited.

Alan loves running, jumping and climbing just as much as his older brother - problem is, he is not as coordinated as Aidan. He tries his best to keep up, but his little legs just don't seem to move as fast as he would like. Consequently, there's not a day that goes by without a new bruise, bump or scrape somewhere on his body. What Alan lacks in agility, he makes up for in size. He weighs about 3-4 pounds heavier than Aidan, so the wrestling matches in our home are pretty fair in that respect.

Alan is such a laid-back kid. He doesn't need (or want) to be the center of attention, so he's quite content playing on his own. He has a wild imagination - always pretending he's fighting off a T-Rex or catching a fish in the sink. He's also our little vocalist. We have several children's CD's and he knows every song on each CD by heart. We play them so often that Rob and I can't get the songs out of our heads! Alan can even be heard singing himself to sleep after we've put him down for the night.

Alan's 3rd birthday is coming up soon (June 17) which has made us realize he is no longer a baby. Although we can confidently say we are done having children, it is almost sad to know that our baby days are over. Instead of sadness we feel blessed and greatful to be a part of our two boys' beautiful lives.

Photo by Polkadot Photography

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