Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Aidan James

This is Aidan - our 4 1/2 year old energetic, charismatic, tenderhearted little boy. His energy and curiosity amazes us every day - and he is so much fun! He's a typical boy...always running, jumping and climbing. His favorite thing to do is to jump on Grandma Ensley's trampoline - it's the perfect exercise for him! He also enjoys swimming lessons, although he splashes around more than he swims. When he's not running at full speed, which isn't often, he can be found in Rob's or my lap cuddling and reading books. On rainy days he really enjoys jig-saw puzzles and mazes. He's not much for coloring but he LOVES painting with watercolors.

Aidan will be in pre-school this year, as we have decided to enroll him in kindergarten a year late due to his birthday being in November. We've struggled with this decision because intellectually he's's just the social aspects he needs to adapt to. Another year exposed to the fact that he's not the center of the universe can't hurt. He will also begin speech therapy in the fall. He has a hard time pronouncing a few sounds (very common on both sides of our family) and will definitely benefit from therapy.

It is bittersweet to know that our first born will be in school VERY soon! We have come to realize that time goes by too quickly, therefore we cherish every moment of his childhood.

Photo by Polkadot Photography

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