Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alan's Catch

Last Saturday afternoon we took the boys on Grandpa Cox's fishing boat on the Columbia River. Rob had been saying how great the shad fishing would be and how it would be a great chance to stock up on the bait for our crabbing trip in July. Also, the boys LOVE going fishing - especially on Grandpa's boat. I had plans to go shopping that afternoon but somehow got talked into coming along. Rob's mom and dad also joined us. We loaded up the boys and all of our gear (including a bottle of wine for Christie and I to share), found a spot and anchored down. We hadn't been out long and the boys were already getting restless. Aidan was getting into everything and couldn't sit still, and all Alan wanted to do was eat the cookies Grandma brought. Pretty soon Alan's fishing pole started to dance, but Rob was convinced it had just snagged the bottom. He reeled the pole in anyway and on its way up Rob said, "well if there was one on here, we lost it". Alan didn't like what he heard and started to whine...but all that whining turned to shrieks of excitement when he saw that there actually was a fish on his line! Now it's not much of a fish, but you can tell by the look on Alan's face that he didn't care what size it was. He was absolutely elated to have caught a fish! Turns out the shad fishing wasn't that great after all...but Alan caught himself a baby salmon and couldn't have been happier.

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